imagesI wasn’t intending to write about diarrhea. Though we all know my love for writing about pooping habits. But after yesterday’s eight round bout with expelling any possible thing left in my body, I felt it was something that needed to be touched on.

Since coming here, 13 days ago now, I have gotten high fives, smiles, and basically gold stars for bowel movements. It’s similar to when kids are getting potty trained, in fact, I think from now on after someone poops (and has washed their hands) they should get high-fived rather than poop shamed.


Anyway, the medicines I take – besides the radioactive chemo shit – can cause a blockage. So if that happens, or a chance of that happens they like to make sure you get flushed out.

Holy shit was I flushed out.

Pun intended.

As I said, eight fucking rounds of battling the white thrown yesterday. And if diarrhea doesn’t make you weak enough add in the pain meds from the spinal tap and two rounds of chemo – because I would get diarrhea on a spinal tap/chemo day – I was practically crawling back and forth, well walking slowly – germs and being on the floor are frowned upon here so they like to keep me upright – with the help of the nurses…modesty escaped me after day five.

But that’s how this goes: meds – constipation – diarrhea – needles – chemo – nausea … you get the picture. Luckily they have  A LOT of medicine for nausea, and what they’ve been giving works like magic. I push a button, complain, they shoot me up, and five minutes later I’m eating – well, like in an hour or two after another nap I’m eating.

Back to pooping.

And to end on a note: stop the poop shame, high five your friends and neighbors for their bowl movements. In the stall with a coworker, ask them how things are progressing – too much? Forget the shame, and let us get back to gold stars on charts.

Stay regular my friends.

Warning Graphic Material: Needles, Diarrhea, and Nausea – oh my!

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