Invincibility_Raccoon_Mario_-_New_Super_Mario_Bros_2There’s a sweet spot between your 20s and your 30s when you think you are invincible. Things like jumping off a 90-story building won’t kill you – though your mom might.

Which is great, I’m all for being all you can be and more than that. Rah rah, go team. But you might want to stop for a second and just think about how your actions now can affect your future.

:: , Insert squealing brake noise here::

I know. This may come as a shock, but your current actions will impact you in the future. And I’m not just talking about making out with strangers who have a weird red bump on their lip at a bar, I’m talking about that dirty little habit that likes to come out and play on a daily basis. The one that slips between your lips throughout the day, and takes money out of your wallet as if you’re Bill Gates.

Smoking. More specifically of the cigarette nature.

It puts a little dent in my cancer survivor armor every time I see a young person (or anyone really) light up. Sure, it may not be your demise, but you are consistently putting something that is known to give people cancer (which is the second leading cause of death in the U.S) into your body.  Please forgive my soap box outburst.

I realize it is addictive, and I have never been addicted to a substance before so I can’t comment on how difficult it is to quit something, but I am a person who has gone through intense chemotherapy and that’s something I would like to prevent as many people as possible from having to go through.

I know what it’s like to realize at 25 that you’re not invincible. Acute Leukemia isn’t caused by something we do (as far as current research is concerned), it’s just dumb luck. Before I was diagnosed, I never thought it would be possible to be sick in your twenties. Sure, I had a friend or two that had gotten seriously ill or had a chronic disease, but they were the outliers. People in their 20s don’t get sick.

The thing is, they do. And even though you feel invincible, you’re not. This isn’t to say you should live in a bubble and only go out for fro-yo – you should live your life however you want to. But you should be aware that you’re not superman; kryptonite isn’t your only weakness. Be careful, make smart choices, and remember the impact your choices have on your life. I can’t force you to quit smoking, I can only remind you that you’re not made of steel and that chemotherapy sucks.

The 20 Something Invincibility Clause
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