So blood, who knew how great that is.

Queen-vampire-feeds-01I’ve been thinking, and I’m almost positive leukemia is just a pre-cursor to making the vampire change. I mean sure the sunlight isn’t burning me, and while no one has tried to pour holy water on me I think I would be fine – but my thirst for blood is insane!

Now don’t get me wrong, if you come visit me your neck is safe – for now, I’m not that fast. But the energy that blood gives me over food is ridiculous. Feeling dizzy? give me a pint then watch me run – it’s magic.

Yesterday was my fourth bag, they don’t give it out every day, only when my counts are lower. But oh man was it great. I got to shower, and do laps (we can’t leave the ward – germs and all – but 17 laps around is a mile so my goal is to get to that a day) and even was sitting up and all energized.

So you see my concern – they’re killing the cancer but I’m turning into a vampire. Hopefully, I’ll be a sparkly kind so I can still enjoy the beach.

So, I’m Basically a Vampire Now

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