DSC_9328My whole life I’ve feared the little things.

Dark corners in rooms, creepy crawly bugs, walking on the train tracks just right to ensure your foot doesn’t get caught even though there isn’t a train for miles – that normal stuff. All of those fears of potential death or injury. The things that go bump in the night – not so scary anymore.

Even death, not that scared. Cancer, I’m scared of – but death – meh. I feel like cancer is a bigger beast at this point.

It hit me the other day that I just wasn’t scared of things I used to be, and I don’t care as much either – I think that’s where a lot of fear comes from. Or at least where mine used to – from caring about the potential.

Because fear doesn’t mean things like death or jumping off the trapeze platform, it’s sometimes being too afraid to speak your mind, or to wear a certain shirt in public, or to rock that new bright red lipstick (which we all know I don’t have a problem with).

I think it’s important that people take more leaps into caring less to conquer their fears.

One of the biggest fears that I’ve lost is being afraid to speak my mind. For so long you worry how people will react to things, and how certain things come out, but if you keep it inside of you it just sits there festering – doing no one any good. And not just the bad stuff, the good stuff too. So many times I’ve been afraid to say happy things because I was afraid the other person would react negatively – who cares? It’s happy – shouldn’t people want to hear happy things?

People of the world, if you want to say happy things — say them!

And stop being so afraid of things. Fear is good to keep your limits in check, but I think we all have let it get out of hand. Stop letting your fears control what you are doing, saying, thinking, acting, reacting to – and try caring just a little bit less.

No More Fear of Flying

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