urlFor most of my life, I’ve had a hate/hate relationship with food and my body. I knew that food needed to go in to make me feel good, but then would feel instantly fat and regretted eating anything.

Yeah, that’s not a thing anymore.

I know get applauded to eat, and gold stars to poop – where has this been my whole life? And if I eat three meals in ONE day, a freaking pared is thrown.

These are things that need to be brought into real life people. Let us celebrate when we eat rather than avoid each other over a table of delicious food as we all fight the urge to down the last breadstick.

The days when the smell of food repulses me only makes me so much happier for days like today when I look forward to eating and think of the meals I want on the outside. It’s given me a new sense of appreciation on the days I can eat, and want to eat.

When I do get the urges to eat, I’ve found myself CRAVING food – all of which I can’t eat. Like sushi, I wake up and just want to eat MOUNDS of sushi, but it’s raw and has bacteria and blah blah. And veggies, and salads, and fruits – the natural raw food that we all know and love is banned from my current diet because my white blood counts are low – so it’s processed food. Everyday.

I would kill for an apple.

Point being of this post, food is good. We should stop worrying about everything we consume and start enjoying it. I think of the years I wasted, wishing I would allow myself to have one more brownie, or that extra olive garden breadstick – indulging a little isn’t a bad thing. Have that extra spicy tuna roll for me or a big mac – because for some reason even though I NEVER eat them I want one really bad.

Let’s stop judging ourselves for every little thing we put into our bodies and start enjoying ourselves. Food is meant to give us nutrients but also to be enjoyed – I don’t think the top chefs of the world would appreciate you pushing around that meal because you feel bad about finishing the last bite (even though you’re still hungry).

Get to eating! And that’s an order!

Cancer Camp: My New Relationship With Food

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